Reclaiming Your Narrative - Queretaro, Mexico

June 14-19, 2023

Circe will be offering our second official retreat , “Reclaiming Your Narrative,” in 2023. 

This will be a 4-day, 5-night immersive and generative retreat. We will focus on the creation of new work, new ideas, new openings in our creative work and artistic lives as literary citizens.

This retreat is open to all writers who identify as women. Circe QRO is ideal for memoir and autofiction writers at all stages of development who are interested in and committed to probing more deeply to create more embodied, intimate work that comes from the inside out

What this retreat offers:

  • Three morning workshops of 3 hours each
  • Chef prepared dinners nightly (and wine!)
  • Evening readings and craft talks
  • Special farewell party showcasing your work
  • Breakfast, coffee, assorted beverages, and snacks available daily
  • Spa and courtyard privileges at. Casa del Atria (spa services not included)
  • Optional add-ons such as developmental editing and one-on-one meetings with Emily and/or Gina

A “choose-your-own adventure” retreat, Circe QRO offers two options:

  1. Stay at “Casa Cubana” an historic old city mansion filled with spectacular antiques, a giant dining room, rooftop deck, and hot tub, where all workshops and sessions will be held. In addition to the Circe faculty, Casa Cubana can accommodate 5 guests.
    Cost: $4900

  2. Stay at Casa del Atria, one of the most beautiful B&Bs we’ve ever seen, with a spa and antique shop on site, just a bit over a block away from Casa Cubana. With this option you will pay your own hotel costs. Maximum guests able to participate in Circe QRO*: 7-8 people.
    Cost: $4000

*If you stay at Casa del Atria, you are welcome to bring a family member or friend not participating in the retreat, as the hotel does not max out at 7-8 people. However, for those considering bringing children, spouses, etc., do be aware that the best way to experience #CIRCEQRO is through as much immersion in the retreat community as possible, so if friends or family wish to come, please make sure that they are able/prepared to do their own thing much of the time so that you can avail yourself of our full schedule of activities. Friends and family are welcome to attend our finale party, however, at no extra cost.

Email with your rooming preference and a brief, 1-2 paragraphs about why you want to attend at this point in your life as a writer.

A few additional details: 
Queretaro has an airport (though the “old city,” where we will be, feels like a small town and is accessible entirely by foot, the larger metropolitan Queretaro is home to more than 1 million people and very cosmopolitan) and you can fly directly into the city if you choose. For those who are concerned about costs, there is also a wildly cheap and quite modern, air-conditioned bus directly from the Mexico City airport. Mexico City is an extremely affordable flight from most U.S. cities.

We will also have fun, and there will be plenty of elastic time to decompress and wander through this vibrant historic city with terrific cuisine, lively squares and nightlife, leafy, tranquil parks perfect for long walks or runs, and stunning architecture. Day trips to famous artistic hubs like San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, as well as hot springs, are also possible if you so desire.