Testimonials for Gina and Emily:

“Gina Frangello and Emily Rapp Black are two of the finest writers in the world…but they’re also two of the absolute best teachers of writing, as well. You’ll learn more in an editorial letter from Gina than you ever learned in school and Emily will make you go deeper than you ever imagined you could go to find the essential truth of your work. These two women are the real deal.”

–Tod Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author.

“Gina and Emily’s online class for Transformational Writing did exactly that: transformed my writing. The class was intimate, challenging, inspiring and always encouraging. It helped me to push myself and write in a way that brought out hidden strengths and revealed a style that I had been struggling to find. The zoom conference calls worked extremely well–even from here in New Zealand–and the class atmosphere was truly exceptional. I am now writing the book I have wanted to write for many years with a new found confidence and enthusiasm. 

–Zara Potts, author of A Talent For Shipwrecks, New Zealand.

“The name of the ‘Transformational Writing’ class was spot on–it truly was transformational. The readings and the generative writing exercises got me to dig deep and go where I hadn’t wanted to go before. I pulled things out of me that had been swimming around in my deep subconscious for years and brought them to the surface in ways that sometimes surprised me. The combination of you both–how damn smart you are, how you commented on and critiqued what we each chose to read out loud–was like a master class every time. And your own readings and craft lessons in the last class perfectly topped of an amazing 9 weeks.”

–Nancy Conyer, http://www.nancylconyers.com

“Even after teaching creative writing for two decades and publishing five novels, 2020 was enough to paralyze me emotionally and creatively.  In the Transformational Writing workshop, Emily and Gina and the rest of the class helped me find an openness and honesty that seemed completely out of reach amidst the personal and collective grief and loss in which I found myself. I’m writing again. And I don’t believe I would be, at least not yet, without the workshop and their help.”

–Tyler Dilts, Creative Writing Faculty, California State University, Long Beach.

“I was fortunate enough to participate in the inaugural Circe class hosted by Gina Frangello & Emily Black during the summer of Covid 2020. Not only was this a great investment in my future but it was a way to keep my mind healthy and creativity flowing during a time when things could have become very dark. I was able to tap into my mind’s ability to reflect on life experiences eventually placing them on paper, Receiving valuable feedback from known authors and peers in the writing industry.  This type of  self reflection when writing gave me the confidence to set my ultimate goal of writing a memoir.  I highly recommend anyone wanting to write some magic attend these workshops, it is what I call priceless!”

–Shay Moraga, Founder/CEO, Shay’s Warriors Life after Cancer.