All Stories.
All Bodies.
All Stages.

The writers we work with:
Believe that writing is a gateway
Have been changed by the transformative power of literature
Are willing to invest in their project financially
Make time to bring out the highest potential in their work
Believe in collaboration and teamwork
Are ready to roll up their sleeves and make magic through language

If this all sounds like you, email to inquire or book a one-hour consultation ($300) with Emily and Gina!

Programs offered:

Editorial Mentorship (4 options)

Flat Rate Developmental Editing of Your Book-Length Manuscript
(This is our most popular program and is almost always booked in advance, so reach out to get our first available slot.)

Program includes:

  • close reading of up to 400 pages, including Track Changes notes and line-edits
  • a substantive editorial letter between 10-12 pages with suggestions for revision and concrete strategies for implementing them.
  • draft of an agent query
  • one-hour long Zoom or phone session to ask follow up questions, brainstorm ideas, and plan your next steps.
  • Guarantee of receiving your manuscript back within one month of start date
We offer the following flat rates for book-length manuscripts:
  • under 200 pages: $3000
  • under 300 pages: $4000
  • under 400 pages: $5000

*Flat fee may be lower for manuscripts under 200 pages and higher for manuscripts over 400 pages

Create Your Book Proposal and Sell Your Book (nonfiction only)

We select three mentorship engagements per year, each for a period of 3-months. Before committing to this program, we will ask you to schedule a Zoom call to determine mutual fit and assess that you have the time to devote to this intensive process. Prior to beginning work, we will send you a list of questions about your project so that our first meeting is as fruitful as possible.

Program includes:

  • Close reading of material you have already written, with Track Changes and line edits
  • Selection and developmental editing of appropriate sample chapters
  • Collaborative drafting of a Book Proposal ready to submit to agents/publishers
  • One-hour phone/Zoom session monthly to check in on progress and further refine project

Flat rate includes both Emily and Gina: $20,000

Editorial Coaching (aka Book Building 101)

If you are at the very beginning of your novel or memoir, then this program is for you. We accept these projects on a rolling, case-by-case basis and as our schedule permits. Due to the frequent contact and longer-term commitment, there may be times when this program is unavailable.

Program includes:

  • One hour of phone/Zoom per month as we shepherd you through writing your first draft
  • Close reading of each new chunk of 50 pages you write, with Track Changes, line-edits, and notes for future revision
  • Minimum commitment of 4-sessions to craft your first draft of 200-400 pages already complete with a full developmental edit for revision

Professional Fee: Emily and Gina each have an hourly rate of $200/hr individually; their combined rate is $350/hr.

However, we at Circe understand that many people need to plan their financial investment in their work in advance, therefore the vast majority of our clients work with us on flat rate packages based on page/word counts and the nature of the project, rather than hourly. A flat rate option may be determined depending on the number of sessions and pages you generate, with a minimum of $5,000.

Please reach out for more information about flat rate options for your project.

Collaborative Ghost Writing

This is our highest level of service. Because of the amount of time, effort, and communication required to translate another person’s story into a fully polished book suitable for submission to  agents and editors, Circe only takes two of these projects per year at most. Before committing to such a project, we schedule a Zoom call to determine mutual fit, and prior to that we will send you a list of questions about your project for you to answer and for us to review so that our first meeting is as fruitful as possible.
Schedule: We expect this process to take approximately 6-12 months, though it can be shorter if some of the material is already written and organized, or longer if the client is not available to read  and discuss the project on a weekly basis and needs more infrequent meetings. For the standard 6-12 month schedule, weekly hour-long meetings will be scheduled at the same time each week, and we will also provide updated texts/progress reports prior to the weekly scheduled meeting for the client’s review so that the meetings are productive. A consistent weekly schedule helps build consistency and accountability into a complex project with many moving parts and people, but for clients whose work or home lives cannot accommodate this reading load or frequency of contact, we will draw up a plan specific to the client’s needs.
Pricing: $150,000. If your project is selected, we require a down payment of $25,000 up front, refundable only if Circe Consulting, LLC fails to abide by our scheduled written and meeting commitments and nonrefundable if the client fails to follow through to the end of the project despite substantive work by Circe.

Additional Information

A Zoom meeting in advance of hiring us is not mandatory. However, if you would like a face-to-face consultation to determine whether we are the right fit for your work, hour long consultations are $300. Please note that we do not offer free consultations as we are a small, two-partner business and our volume of inquiries does not allow us to meet with all prospective clients at no cost, as this would take too much time away from our existing clientele.

Circe Consulting, LLC does not work for “alternative” methods of payments such as hypothetical future royalty cuts or payment once a book is placed with a publisher and given an advance. While we are very happy to offer a limited number of scholarships for BIPOC and other under-represented writers in our online classes and retreats, we do not do developmental editing, book proposals, or ghostwriting at sliding scale rates, and we do not accept pro-bono clients. If this ever changes as our business grows, our website will reflect the change.

Many flat rate projects are inclusive of assistance in writing/revising agent queries. We love agent queries and they are one of our Circe specialties! If applicable, we may even suggest specific agents for your project. However, Circe does not send queries out for our clients or in any other way act as a liaison between the client and the publishing industry.

Our goals at Circe center on helping you to create, hone, tell, and revise your story at the highest level of both artistry and marketability. Many of our clients have gone on to land book deals and some to attain bestseller status. However, we strongly condemn any editing service “guaranteeing” that clients who work with them will subsequently find the publisher of their dreams. We are not agents and we have no ultimate control over whether the projects we work with will be published.