“Transformational Writing” Generative Workshop



Political upheavals, global pandemics, divisive news, and many of the tragedies of our time have brought up issues around what and how to write “now,” when the world is facing such radical and unprecedented challenges. Some writers may be wondering if the projects they were working on in the Before Times are relevant any longer, and whether there will even be a market and audience for their life’s work in the aftermath of other urgent cultural forces.

Gina Frangello and Emily Rapp believe that all good writing lies in rupture, transformation and catalysts that push people beyond their previous boundaries. It is our philosophy at Circe Consulting that many of us have gone through crucible moments in our own personal lives that are echoed, triggered and mirrored by what is now happening on a worldwide level, and that our individual stories of bodies, losses, epiphanies, desires, rage, empathy, pain and love are not only relevant but essential for the human race remaining…human. Nothing defines us as a species more than storytelling, and there is never only one story. Come find and share the story only you can tell!



Transformational Writing” is geared towards writers of personal essays, memoirs, or any narrative/creative nonfiction. Writers of all levels and stages are welcome! Please note that you absolutely do not need to be writing about anything “political” for this course (though we are firm believers that the personal IS political). This workshop offers two co-instructors of national critical acclaim who also have backgrounds in the mental health fields and medical narratives. Together, our class will give participants the chance to tap into a place where fear and anger are generative rather than destructive…and where there is also still room for joy, discovery, and play.



Transformational Writing will include 8 cohort-wide Zooms of 2 hours each, as well as a weekly hour-long “writing room” for smaller groups within the cohort and an active Discord channel to help form community. Participants will jump start and further their writing through generative exercises and the opportunity to engage in conversation and brainstorming, as well as sharing and “workshopping” exercises and discussing published essays available online. Cost for the course is $1,000 and attendance is capped between 12-15 people. Come find your community—and even jump start by reading one essay we’ll definitely discuss in class, one of our deep personal favorites At Circe, “Corn Maze” by Pam Houston.

Many exercises from previous incarnations of this course have gone on to be published! This is one of our favorite classes, so join the party (or, what one of our previous cohorts dubbed itself, the “Shameless Coven”) now! 



Contact us directly at [email protected] and enroll or ask questions!